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Accutower 11 Drive Duplicator Review

Accutower 11 drive DVD/CD duplicatorToday I'll be taking a break from the usual high-tech breakthroughs to focus on something a little bit different. It's not brand new or improved; it doesn't have any bells and whistles or a liquid-cooled suspension-mounted reverse-flow shock-absorbing self-correcting solid-state piezoelectric brain, nope, nothing like that.

What I am going to talk about is a piece of equipment that's been there all along: the ubiquitous tower duplicator, and more specifically the Accutower line of DVD/CD duplicators. To be even more specific, let's focus on the Accutower 11 drive DVD/CD duplicator. So what makes this nonchalant machine worthy of the Tech Guy's attention and praise? Quite simply, it's a tried-and-true workhorse. More than that, it's a good-looking workhorse - like a Clydesdale. You can count on the Accutower to get the tough part of duplication done with both performance and class.

Part of the reason the Accutower does its job so well is because of its design. From the very beginning, these duplicator towers were intended to produce many thousands of copies per day and last for a very long time. A sturdy, yet lightweight metal case keeps the components safely together in a space-saving upright design. A trio of low-noise fans keeps a constant flow of air moving through the system, which in turn helps keep the sensitive electronic components cool and working at peak efficiency.

Each 11 drive Accutower is equipped with a removable 250GB hard disk drive. There is a dual purpose behind this: sensitive data can be secured when not in use, and hard disks can easily be swapped when they are full. One of the best features of the Accutower is its powerful controller with its Image Manager functionality. This set of functions allows you to store "images" of master discs for later use, as well as rename and delete them. Copying images onto the tower is easy, and no space is wasted thanks to the dynamic hard drive manager. The Image Manager assigns space as large or as small as each image stored, instead of dividing the hard drive into predetermined partitions of space. This is a smart way to get a lot of extra storage, in fact when you look at the space saved with dynamic hard drive management you get 53% more usable space with an Accutower.

In addition to its smart file-management software, the controller boasts a backlit 2-line LCD screen for high visibility. The tiered menu system is a snap to navigate with the four-button controller close at hand. There are plenty of options that make the tower uniquely yours, with custom display preferences and settings. Each of the eleven burner drives are also connected to the controller. Accutower duplicators are available with both Pioneer and Optiarc (joint venture between NEC and Sony) burner drives. Independent reviewers such as Tom’s Hardware Guide have consistently ranked these brands the best in the industry¹. For high-speed duplication and the best in quality, the drives in an Accutower duplicator are second-to-none.

The Accutower line of DVD/CD duplicators are the unsung heroes of the duplication industry. Doing their job day in and day out, with no maintenance or cool down periods. Accutowers help you finish duplication jobs, even large jobs, at the eleventh hour. For countless production houses, studios, churches, corporations, and organizations, the Accutower 11 drive tower is the cornerstone of their operation. Although it never asks for appreciation, the Accutower is finally getting some well-deserved thanks.

1 Roos, Achim and Schmid, Patrick. Tom's Hardware. Are Cheap DVD Burners Worth The Trouble? April 2007.