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Automated CD, DVD Duplicators

For hands free duplication, choose from our line of automated DVD duplicators. Each automated duplicator uses advanced robotics to duplicate discs quickly and efficiently. Automated duplicators are available for both DVD/CD and Blu-ray Discs.
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AV Pro
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Why buy from a factory when you can become one?

Do you ever get tired of loading and unloading hundreds of discs into your duplication equipment? Why not let the duplication equipment do that for you? With an automated CD/DVD duplicator from CDROM2GO, you will never have to individually load discs again! Simply place a stack of blank discs into the tray, turn on the duplicator, and return when all the discs are done. It’s that easy!

Think of all the time you will save not having to stand by the duplicator and wait to load/unload each individual tray. With an automated duplicator, you can start it up and work on a different task while the automated one keeps on working!

CDROM2GO stocks a selection of CD/DVD autoloaders from the major names in the industry including AV Pro and Microboards. These automated duplicators range from 25-disc capacity all the way up to 1000-disc capacity for all your duplication needs. Our automated duplicators are user friendly, easy to manage, and able to mass-produce discs with very little effort. If you are interested in an automated CD/DVD duplicator, CDROM2GO is the place to be! We are your #1 source for duplication equipment!


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