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CDs in Blank Sleeves & Mailers

Eco Sleeve
As Low As: $0.40
Eco Sleeves are a lightweight and flexible packaging solution for your CD Projects. Each Sleeve is made from 100% recycled materials and features a clear window for easy viewing of your media.
CD Reproduction in Blank Paper Sleeves Paper Sleeve
As Low As: $0.28
Classic Paper Sleeves are a versatile, low-cost packaging option that features a clear window and foldable flap. This window is perfect for displaying custom CD artwork.
CD Reproduction in Blank Tyvek Sleeves Tyvek Sleeve
As Low As: $0.36
Tyvek Sleeves provide a robust, durable, packaging option that is tear resistant. Stronger than a standard paper sleeve, Tyvek sleeves offer superior protection and have a clear window to see CD artwork.
CD Reproduction in Poly Sleeves Poly Sleeve
As Low As: $0.34
Get superior CD protection and artwork visibility with a CD Poly Sleeve. Poly sleeves keep your media protected from scratches and tears while allowing your custom artwork to shine through.
Vinyl Sleeve
As Low As: $0.43
Protect your CDs during transport and storage with our durable vinyl CD sleeves. These disc sleeves are a match suited to your design needs because they provide instant identification and exceptional visibility of your custom CD artwork.
CD Reproduction in Cardboard Sleeves Cardboard Sleeve
As Low As: $0.39
Jazz up your CD project with a Blank Cardboard Sleeve. Cardboard sleeves are lightweight and feature large printable areas. Attach your very own label, sticker, etc.
CD Reproduction in Blank Mailers Mailer
As Low As: $0.52
Reach your customers from anywhere with a Blank CD Mailer! Mailers provide a unique packaging solution that allows you to mail your CD projects to anyone in the world. Mailers are lightweight and come ready to ship.