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DVDs in Blank Sleeve & Mailer Packaging

Eco Sleeve
As Low As: $0.52
Lower your carbon footprint by ordering your project in Eco Sleeves! Eco Sleeves are made from 100% recycled materials and are the perfect compliment to any DVD package. Comes with window and flap.
DVD Reproduction in Paper Sleeves Paper Sleeve
As Low As: $0.40
The Classic Paper Sleeve works well with any DVD project offers a lightweight solution to your packaging needs. Paper Sleeves have a clear window and paper flap.
DVD Reproduction in Tyvek Sleeves Tyvek Sleeve
As Low As: $0.48
Tyvek Sleeves are a nearly indestructible and offer great protection against wear and tear. Available in multiple colors upon request.
DVD Reproduction in Poly Sleeves Poly Sleeve
As Low As: $0.40
Poly DVD Sleeves offer great disc protection, while still allowing your custom artwork to be visible. Each Poly Sleeve holds a single DVD and can compliment any DVD project.
Vinyl Sleeve
As Low As: $0.46
A great addition to any DVD project! Vinyl DVD sleeves boast maximum visibility for your disc artwork while offering protection from scratches and impact.
DVD Reproduction in Cardboard Sleeves Cardboard Sleeve
As Low As: $0.46
Keep your discs safe in an attractive Blank Cardboard Sleeve. Cardboard Sleeves are lightweight, eco-friendly, and securely hold a DVD. Attach your very own label, sticker, etc.
As Low As: $0.64
Send your project all over the world with a DVD Mailer! DVD mailers easily hold a DVD and are a great solution for those who wish to ship their project where ever they need. Mailers are also more eco-friendly than traditional DVD packaging!