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Blu-ray BD Duplication Services

Amaze your audience with high definition Blu-ray disc production.
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Blu-ray Duplication Services
Full size Blu-ray Disc Duplication
Beautiful, crisp images and sound that can't be matched. Store 25GB or 4 hours of HD video on every disc. It's the ultimate companion for serious video professionals or high volume storage.
Blu-ray case packages

Building Your Custom Blu-ray Disc Duplication

How big is your Blu-ray order?

Production depends on the quantity you need. Blu-ray duplication, or burning, works great for less than 2,000 discs. Blu-ray replication, or glass mastering, suits more than 2,000 discs because the dollars you save increase with the amount of discs you replicate.

How flexible are you with deadlines?

Blu-ray duplication will save you time because it can be done in as little as 48 hours.

How do we get your Blu-ray content onto all those discs?

Once you submit a Blu-ray master disc loaded with all of your data, our burning equipment takes care of the rest.

Do we offer Blu-ray disc printing?

We don't just offer, we give it to you for free! Take advantage of our free PhotoPro custom Blu-ray printing to make your artwork pop. Also, choose from other Blu-ray printing options like thermal, silkscreen, offset and digital.

What do we use to make your BD disc look professional?

CDROM2GO offers custom Blu-ray duplication packaging with the format's official logo to give your project a retail ready finish. Add custom printed panel inserts, booklets or entrapments to enhance the vivid blue packaging.

How else can we take care of your Blu-ray duplication order?

CDROM2GO is happy to do the grunt work for you! We'll directly ship your Blu-ray discs or pick and pack them for you.
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