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CD, DVD & Blu-ray Packaging Equipment

When it comes to packaging, labeling, and overwrapping, count on CDROM2GO for the professional equipment it takes to get the job done. For the do it yourselfer we sell both machines and supplies.
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That’s a Wrap!

So you have put your time and money into creating your product; why not take it to the final step? CDROM2GO stocks a wide variety of disc packaging equipment including DVD/CD shrink wrappers and overwrappers, wrapping supplies, and labelers and sleevers. The great thing about shrink wrappers and overwrappers is that they allow any user to create a professional, retail-ready package from their own home or office. By retail-ready we mean that your CD or DVD case will look just like the ones you can purchase from a local electronics or media store.

Each of our shrink wrappers and overwrappers are easy to use and will help create a professional product that will not go unnoticed. They also serve as extra security from tampering to ensure that your product has not been opened without your knowledge. Nothing can spoil your product more than receiving it without its intended product inside or receiving it damaged.

We also stock CD/DVD wrapping supplies which include everything you need to shrink-wrap or overwrap your packages. Choose from wrapping sheets, shrink-wrap film, and even heat guns for the shrink-wrapping process. Make sure to stock up now before you run out!

For high volume CD/DVD case wrapping, check out our selection of CD/DVD labelers and DVD/CD sleevers. These machines can label or sleeve thousands of CDs and DVDs per hour; which saves you time from having to label/sleeve each CD manually. Our mission at CDROM2GO is to help you create a professional media package, so why not take that final step and create a package that your customers will appreciate!
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