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We offer a wide selection of manual and automatic disc printers for every printing application. Choose from full color inkjet, thermal and photo-realistic printers. All printers come with manufacturer warranty and free technical support.
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Welcome to the CDROM2GO Virtual Duplication Equipment Mall!

We gladly bring you an easy way to shop duplication equipment from the top manufacturers in the Industry including Primera, Epson, Microboards, and TEAC. Now you can easily view all brand specific duplicators, autoprinters, cartridges, ribbons all from easy to navigate store pages. Also available is up to date information on manufacturer rebates and special offers as well as product brochures and manuals.

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Quick Buyers Guide

Get the best value for your dollar by picking the correct disc printer for your production needs.
CD/DVD Inkjet Printer
We carry inkjet disc printers from major manufacturers such as Primera, Microboards, and Epson. Inkjet printers spray the ink onto the disc in microscopic-sized droplets at up to 4800 dots per inch (DPI). They produce excellent photographic-quality prints with proper inkjet printable media. Inkjet printers are great for mid to high volume disc production.
  • Print in vibrant full color
  • High resolution capability
  • Available as “hands free” autoloaders
Inkjet Printer
CD/DVD Thermal Printers
Thermal printers work by passing a single color or four-panel color ribbon over a heating element that transfers the artwork directly to the disc surface. This provides excellent color consistency and an exact number of prints per ribbon. Thermal disc printers require appropriate thermal-printable media.
  • Single color units give you fast prints and relatively low cost
  • Full color units give you unmatched printing quality
  • Available as “hands free” autoloaders
Thermal Printers