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CD, DVD, & Blu-ray Duplicators

CD/DVD/Blu-ray Duplicators


Simply load and go! Perfect for recording data and printing discs at once. Let these easy-to-use machines do all the work. Stack your blank discs and the automated publisher will record and print automatically. Totally hands-free!

20 to 100 discs at a time



Do your own high-volume FAST data copying! These larger machines let you quickly copy information from a master disc to your blank recordable CD/DVD/Blu-ray. Make quick work of copying data to discs with a duplicator.

60 to 1,000 discs at a time



Simple function at an affordable price. Simply insert your master disc and your blank discs and the duplicator does the rest! There is no limit to the number of discs and there is no need for a computer – this is truly a stand alone device.

1 to 20+ discs at a time


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Which Duplicator Is Right For Me?

Ready to invest in your own CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplication equipment?
Q: Do you record and print discs frequently?
A: The price of purchasing duplicator equipment versus constant outsourcing calculates to a wiser investment in the long run.

Q: Do you like to take total command of the content and appearance of your discs?
A: Create the art for the disc, change the disc content, be creative AND technical! That’s what having your own publisher or duplicator let’s you do! Produce as few or as many copies as you want.

Q: Do you want to cut the middle man and save time (and money)?
A: Not only do disc duplicators not take up much room, they make it easy to get a quick job done quickly. You have the flexibility to make and meet ALL your deadlines – no middle man.

Automated Publishers
Automated Publishers
Automated Duplicators
Automated CD, DVD, Blu-ray Duplicators
Tower Duplicators
DVD/CD Tower Duplicators (Stand Alone)
  • Record and print on CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs
  • Hands free operation
  • Low end to high end units available for every budget
  • Includes label design and recording software
  • 20-100 disc capacities
  • Hands free operation
  • Large units can copy multiple discs at once
  • Fast output for mass production
  • Easy standalone operation
  • No computer required
  • Fastest disc copying equipment
  • Some units can be linked for mass production capability
  • Units range from small to very large
For more information, FAQs, and other support topics, please visit our duplicator support page. You can also visit our library of Tech Guy articles about duplicators.

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