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CD Labels for CD, DVD & Blu-ray Disc

CD Labels

CD labels put the creativity of a media project in your hands. Using permanent marker or pen can scratch and harm your discs. With blank printable CD labels, you get the perfect canvas to display art or important title and track information while also protecting the integrity of your discs.
Worried about compatibility? Made to fit, CD labels work seamlessly with not only compact discs, but also DVDs and Blu-rays. CDROM2GO is also proud to offer Mini CD labels! Our vast selection of CD labels are also designed to accommodate any disc shape or center hole diameter.
Nowhere else will you find the finest tools to help make your DIY CD labeling project a success.

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Why Choose DIY CD Labels?

Let us count the ways that CD labeling is an amazing choice for your media project! First, it's affordable—use the printer you already own and save yourself money on direct disc printing equipment. CD labels are also built to match any type of disc you have. Third, they give you complete creative control of your project. Experiment with design and application, all under your own deadline!

Basic Tips:
  • Before you buy, match your printable CD labels to the type of discs and printer you will be using.
  • Use a CD label design software that provides templates. Not only do they give you unlimited design options, but they also make it easy to get great results with less troubleshooting.
  • To keep your printer running smoothly, always use new CD label sheets, and don't peel until you're done using a sheet! When peeled adhesive comes in contact with a printer's mechanics, it's more prone to malfunction.
  • Spend a few extra dollars on a CD label applicator. They make label application easier and faster. Applicators also prevent the formation of bubbles and ridges on your adhesive labels.
Labels and Inserts
Want to be Labeled an Artist?

CD/ DVD Labels
Inkjet printable CD labels and laser printable labels from CDROM2GO are a cost effective way to create CD and DVD discs with your own custom artwork. Full size DVD and CD labels are available in matte, inkjet gloss, and laser gloss finishes to work with the style you want and the equipment you use. Gloss enhances the vivid colors used in photography while a matte finish is practical for vector art and reading text.

Mini and Business Card CD Labels
When you want to go small, these labels can still make a big impact! Mini and business card CD labels help your colorful logos and design stand out on these small CDs. Available in your choice of inkjet gloss, matte, or laser gloss finish, business card and mini CD labels deliver the best results no matter what type of printer you have. Our inventory of mini CD labels ensure the right fit for your unique disc shape.

CD Label Software and Applicators
Creating your artwork and printing on labels is easy when you have the right assistance. With our free DiscStudio labeling software installed on your PC, you can choose between hundreds of background images, clipart galleries, and drawing tools to create a customized CD label or insert. Also, CDROM2GO navigates you through the stickiest part: choose between varieties of CD label applicators that make it a snap to put your customized label on your discs.