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Media Articles


All types of storage media from CD to DVD, HD DVD to Blu-ray pass beneath the Tech Guy's watchful eyes in this well-rounded section about blank media.

USB Ratings Demystified  (06-24-2008)

USB Drives: Power In Your Pocket  (06-17-2008)

The Future is Blu - An Introduction to Blu-ray Disc Duplication  (03-31-2008)

Photo Finish Media  (03-10-2008)

DVD WARS - Episode 7 : Toshiba's Announcement Strikes Final Blow to Dazed HD Format  (02-25-2008)

Good Things Come In Small Packages - USB Flash Drives Make Data Storage Faster and Easier  (01-28-2008)

The Truth About Burn Speeds  (12-07-2007)

How Much Can A DVD REALLY Hold?  (11-15-2007)

The Tech Guy Is Amazed - Water Resistant Media Put To The Test  (10-10-2006)

Smudge-Free Media - New Inkjet Printable DVD & CD Tech  (06-09-2006)

Saving For The Future - A Look At Archive Grade Media  (03-23-2006)

Don't Get Burned - A Look At The Longevity Of Recordable CD & DVD Media  (02-13-2006)

Laser Etching On Discs - Introducing Lightscribe Technology  (12-27-2005)

A Kind Of Blu - Introducing Blu-Ray And HD DVD-R Recordables  (11-21-2005)

DVD WARS - Episode 6: Return Of The HD DVD  (11-04-2005)

DVD WARS - Episode 5: Blu-ray Strikes Back  (09-15-2005)

DVD WARS - Episode 4: The New Formats  (03-09-2005)

Introducing HVD - The Future Of Multimedia  (05-09-2005)

DVD Audio - Have You Heard The Difference?  (05-05-2005)

Next Generation DVD In Only One Format - Will Blu-ray And HD DVD Come Together?  (04-26-2005)

The Cautionary Buyer - Why All DVDRs Are NOT Created Equal  (03-04-2005)