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CD Jewel Cases

CD jewel cases at wholesale pricing! Choose from a wide selection including standard, double and slimline. We carry clear and colored jewel cases to give your CDs a unique look.
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Produced a gem? Package it with a Jewel!

Jewel Cases
Single Disc CD Jewel Cases
Single disc CD jewel cases are one of the most widely recognizable media packaging on the market today. CDROM2GO stocks a wide variety of cases ranging from clear jewel cases and slimline jewel cases to colored jewel cases. Still not convinced? We even offer high volume discounts on all of our bulk CD jewel cases allowing you to save even more!

Multi-Disc CD Jewel Cases
The advantage of a multi disc CD jewel case over a normal jewel case is its ability to hold multiple discs instead of just one. This is a great way to package those 2-disc sets without adding any bulk to your cases. We offer double jewel cases in both black and clear at wholesale prices! If you are in need of a little extra disc capacity, then multi-disc jewel cases are for you!

Slim CD Jewel Cases
Cut out the bulky extra weight when you need to ship CDs and DVDs in high volumes, store large quantities and do it while offering the protection of a real Jewel Case. Slim CD Jewel Cases are perfect for getting the quality of protection, clean lines and easy storage of a traditional Jewel Case. Slimline jewel cases are also perfect and saving you money buy reducing the extra cost of a bulky case. Best of all, these cases use less plastic and reduce the carbon footprint - they are the green option!

Unassembled CD Jewel Cases
Unassembled CD Jewel Cases are prefect for mass-producing jewel case packages. The advantage of unassembled jewel cases over assembled is that they can be hand assembled or put on automated machines, which allow for mass-production in a short time frame. They are also great for cutting down on the time required putting in inserts or booklets because you must first disassemble the cases to insert artwork, then reassemble them. Having them unassembled saves time! For a production ready solution to jewel case packaging choose unassembled jewel cases!

CDROM2GO is your complete source for wholesale jewel cases! We stock a variety of jewel cases including single disc, multi disc, unassembled, and calendar. Our warehouse can store millions of jewel cases and every jewel case we have can be ordered in small to large quantities. Ask about our high volume discounts by giving us a call today at 877.992.3766.