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CD Sleeves

huge selection of cd sleeves

Shop our selection of CD sleeves to find the perfect fit for your project! Our popular paper sleeves come in a variety of styles and colors. Tyvek and cardboard sleeves provide additional protection in a light weight package. Our vinyl and poly CD/DVD sleeves offer a completely clear solution for disc storage and distribution. Finally, our business card and adhesive sleeves offer the ability to bring these specialty products to new audiences.
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Paper CD Sleeves
Paper sleeves are the most practical and cost effective way to package your discs. Paper CD sleeves come in a wide variety of colors and some even have windows to let the disc shine through!

Tyvek CD Sleeves
Tyvek CD Sleeves offer more protection than the standard paper, film, or fabric sleeves and are great for those who want a little extra durability at low cost. Tyvek CD/ sleeves are available in a wide assortment of colors.

Vinyl and Poly CD Sleeves
Vinyl CD sleeves offer the most disc visibility of the sleeves while still protecting the disc. They are a great for showcasing your disc artwork without having the package cover up vital areas. These plastic CD sleeves come with or without a flap that prevents the disc from sliding out.

Cardboard CD Sleeves
Cardboard CD sleeves offer the most protection in the sleeves category and are perfect for mass distribution. Cardboard sleeves are made from lightweight cardboard and feature sturdy construction.

Mini and Business Card Sleeves
These sleeves are made for the sole purpose of holding and protecting mini discs or business card discs. Mini and business card CD sleeves come in a wide variety of materials including paper, vinyl, and adhesive.

Adhesive CD Sleeves
Adhesive CD Sleeves offer great protection for your disc from scrapes or scratches. They come with or without a security flap and are great for holding floppy discs or CD/DVDs. The adhesive CD sleeves with security flap are great for retail situations that require keeping the disc secure preventing easy removal.

CD Storage Sleeves and Binder Pages
CD Storage Sleeves and Binder Pages are the finest example of disc storage. Our storage sleeves and binder pages are available in multiple colors and multiple sizes. They are great for holding as little as a single disc, or an entire encyclopedia’s worth of information or presentations. Available in single or double-sided 2-ring albums or 3-ring binder styles.
CD Sleeves

Your complete source for Wholesale CD Sleeves, CDROM2GO.com stocks a wide variety of CD sleeves for any sized project. We are able to stock millions of Paper, Tyvek, Vinyl, Poly, and many more sleeves thanks to our large warehouse. All of our CD Sleeves can be ordered and shipped in bulk with high volume discounts. Contact CDROM2GO.com today at (877.992.3766) to learn more.