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Duplication / Replication Info

The goal of our resource page is to demystify the disc manufacturing process. Understanding the difference between duplication and replication of CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays is crucial to the complete satisfaction of your project. The literal definition of these terms is so similar that it's easy to get them confused. CDROM2GO works to make sure you get exactly what you want the first time around.

Find the answers you're looking for as you browse our articles explaining the products and services we offer. The first difference between Duplication and Replication is the quantity of CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays used. Duplication also has a shorter turnaround time, while replication can be more cost-effective. One process manufactures discs by burning information while the other uses heavy machinery to stamp data into each disc.

If you're lost at any point, CDROM2GO is available on the phone or online to guide you.

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