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Blank and Printable DVD Media

DVD Media


DVD-R discs have the highest compatibility and hold 2 hours of video (4.7GB). DVD-R discs are the most common recordable DVD format and are ideal for use with video or data recordings.




Some models of DVD video recorders support DVD+R discs only. We carry these discs to meet the needs of professionals everywhere. Available in single or dual-layer with a wide variety of print surfaces.




Dual-Layer DVDs offer 8.5GB of storage capacity – nearly double that of a standard DVD-R disc. This extra capacity allows you to fit your extended length projects on to a single disc!



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Do More with Recordable DVD Media!

DVD-R Discs
DVD-R (pronounced DVD dash R) discs are ideal for general purpose recording of video, data, and other information. They are available in a variety of printable surfaces including shiny silver, inkjet, and thermal. We carry blank DVDs from major brands that you can depend on for reliable burns and great compatibility.

DVD+R Discs
DVD+R (pronounced DVD plus R) discs are similar to DVD-R discs, but they use slightly different error correction methods. DVD+R discs are commonly used in stand-alone video recorders and other professional audio/video gear. Like their DVD-R counterparts, DVD+R media comes in a variety of print surfaces to meet your needs.

Dual Layer DVDs
When a regular disc just isn't enough, look to a dual layer disc for extra capacity! Also called double-layer DVDs, these discs have two data layers which allows them to hold longer videos and more files. With 8.5 GB of storage space, a DVD DL disc is a great solution for extended length video projects.
Recordable DVD Media