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DVD Duplication and Replication Packaging

From DVD cases to DVD Digipaks, we have a wide variety of great packaging options for your promotional DVD Duplication or Replication video project. All DVD packages are also backed by our Price Match Guarantee so you are sure to get the best deal anytime.
Full Size DVD Duplication & Replication
DVD Cases
Full-size DVD cases are the perfect choice for your DVD project. Choose from single, double, or multi-disc DVD cases to enhance your project.
Jewel Cases
A classic jewel case is a compact way to package your DVD discs. Choose from several styles including standard, double, and slim!
Plastic Cases
Grab some attention for your DVD project by packaging them in plastic cases! A variety of styles are available that allow you show off the disc artwork to your audience.
Printed Sleeves & Mailers
Custom-printed sleeves and mailers are a unique way to catch the attention of your audience. Show off your creativity with a printed design that promotes your organization in a positive way.
Blank Sleeves & Mailers
These lightweight sleeves and mailers are great for sending discs through the mail! The clever design doubles as both a protective sleeve and a sturdy mailer.
No Packaging / Bulk
With this option, your DVDs will arrive shrink wrapped in stacks. This is a great choice if you plan to use your own disc packaging.