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Full Size Flex DVD Replication

Flex DVD Replication Services from CDROM2GO
When you need a high volume of Flex DVD discs produced, you can depend on CDROM2GO to replicate your discs to your exact specifications. We offer several printing options as well as a wide variety of disc sizes that are readily available. We are able to meet your needs in regards to Flex DVD reproduction in a timely manner. We specialize in copying Flex DVDs in the following sizes; full size, business card, and miniature. Flex DVDs are only available with replication orders due their highly specialized production process.

Get a high volume of Flex DVDs produced at a low cost!
Our Flexible DVDs are made using an automated manufacturing process and it is because of this process that replicated discs are very cost effective to produce in high volumes. We are able to produce Flex DVD discs in any quantity from 1,000 to one million pieces or more. We offer four-color Offset printing at an amazing 175 lines per inch. Our Offset printing is perfect for creating those Flex DVDs that stand out from the crowd and make you say "Wow, what a good looking disc!"
Flex DVD Replication Services from CDROM2GO