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DVD Jewel Case Packaging

DVD Reproduction in Standard Jewel Cases Standard Jewel Case w/Black Tray
As Low As: $0.55
It's the classic that keeps going strong. This sturdy standby includes a solid black casing tray and a clear plastic cover. Choose from multi-panel or poster insert options.
DVD Reproduction in Slim Jewel Cases Slim Jewel Case w/Black Tray
As Low As: $0.67
Get the look of the standard jewel case, but with a slim twist. These hinged plastic DVD cases with solid black trays save you storage but can pack multi-panel inserts.
Double Jewel Case w/Black Tray
As Low As: $1.09
Same size, different storage. Double what you can do with our Double Jewel DVD Cases, which maintain a single's size. These hinged plastic cases have clear fronts and black casing trays. Custom panel and poster inserts available.