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CD Cases: Storage Plastic CD Cases

CDROM2GO carries a huge variety of plastic CD cases in stock and ready to ship. Clamshell cases are a cost-effective option for single disc storage. DiscSavers CD cases are one of the most unique disc packaging options available today. Finally, Business Card CD cases are the right size for your pocket-sized discs.
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Plastic CD Cases Have Got You Covered!

CD Clamshell Cases
CD Clamshell cases, or sometimes called CD C-shell cases are the most cost-effective plastic disc case available. The Clamshell name comes from its shape, which strangely enough looks just like a clam’s shell.

Each disc is stored on a center hub and encased in a round case with a flat extension, which serves as the hinge. The flat side of the case allows you to stack Clamshells vertically and prevents the cases from rolling around. Clamshells come in a wide variety of colors and their unique design will not go unnoticed by customers.
Clamshell disc cases
Discsavers are versatile plastic disc cases that are virtually indestructible! Each case is made from flexible, yet durable polypropylene plastic and is great for storing discs while keeping them safe.

Discs are held firmly in place via a center snap hub and are perfectly viewable thanks to Discsavers clear material design. Protect your discs from scratches, smudges, and breaks today with Discsavers!
Disc Savers CD Cases