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CDs in Printed Sleeves & Mailers

CD Reproduction in Cardboard Sleeves Cardboard Sleeve
As Low As: $0.36
Cardboard never looked so good. These lightweight sleeves are sturdy without weighing your project down. Custom printing with a glossy finish gives your sleeve that "wow" factor.
CD Reproduction in Custom Digipaks Digipak
As Low As: $0.62
A DigiPak case takes the best from a jewel case and cardboard sleeve and fuses them together. Made from recycled material, they use less plastic than the older generation jewel case. This lightweight CD case comes in short, tall and tri-fold options.
CD Reproduction in Custom Wallet Mailers Wallet Mailer
As Low As: $0.62
The look of a wallet CD case with the function of a mailer. The wallet pocket keeps your disc safely tucked inside as it goes to its destination in custom-printed style.
CD Reproduction in Custom Wallets Single Wallet
As Low As: $0.48
Need some extra inches to print your message? A Single CD Wallet may be what you're looking for. Holds a single disc and comes ready to mail.
CD Reproduction in Custom Double Wallets Double Wallet
As Low As: $0.76
When two is better than one, you can save on postage and double your storage with a double wallet mailer. Comes with custom printing to make your artwork stand out from junk mail.
CD Reproduction in Tri-fold Wallets Tri-Fold Wallet
As Low As: $0.52

Looks like the wallet in the back of your pocket, only more colorful. Our tri-fold CD wallet mailer gives you extra room for creativity with six printable panels. Stores one custom full sized CD.