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CD Sleeves and CD Mailers

Multiple DVD Case Sizes

It is often said that first impressions are lasting impressions. When it comes to the distribution of digital content, a good first impression is critical. After choosing thermal disc printing, inkjet disc printing, or even USDM PhotoPro Printing, and the appropriate media, people often become overwhelmed with the available options for disc packaging. Whether you are sending out a disc to potential clients, you are a band with a new album, or even a church distributing your weekly services, it’s important to make a good first impression. Cheap and/or inferior packaging will give your clients the wrong idea about your content and about you. Making a smart choice in CD sleeves and CD mailers contributes to the professional appearance of your product.

For discs distributed locally, CD sleeves are an excellent way to protect discs from scratches and damage while saving space. Although CD sleeves may not sound very exciting, there are a multitude of ways that manufacturers have jazzed them up in recent years. Plain white paper CD sleeves are okay for things like the software that came with your new printer, but for trade shows or public events a colored paper sleeve really stands out. Available in almost any color from black to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and even purple, there's sure to be a paper sleeve that provides a high-contrast option that will be hard to ignore.

Customers who like paper sleeves but need additional durability may find the answer they are looking for with Tyvek CD sleeves. These synthetic sleeves are made of the same tough material that was developed as a water proof vapor barrier house-wrap for the construction industry. Tyvek is almost impossible to tear, yet softer and more pliable than paper. Tyvek sleeves are becoming very popular with regional and online movie rental stores due to their amazing strength and light weight. Tyvek CD and DVD sleeves are available with options including single and double disc, with or without clear a window, with or without a closure flap, and they’re even available in assorted colors.

When sending discs through the mail, it is important to evaluate the different types of mailers available. Cardboard CD/DVD disc mailers are easy to address with automated machines or by hand using labels. They can be easily fed through a postage machine, and provide a practical option for sending out large quantities of individual discs.

For a single disc a cardboard mailer may be adequate, but for a full size DVD case or jewel case, a bubble mailer provides superior protection against damage. Available in white polypropylene or manila craft paper, bubble mailers are easy to open yet tamper resistant. Bubble mailers provide the added protection to ensure your discs arrive safely, free of scratches and damage.

When considering your options, the choice for CD and DVD sleeves and mailers is clear: Choose CDROM2GO, the sleeve and mailer experts!