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Creating a Retail Ready DVD Case

DVD Case Overwrapper

Have you ever wondered how the DVD's at major electronics stores look so professional? Those slick, shrink-wrapped cases are not exclusive to big corporations with deep pockets, but are now available to small and medium sized organizations as well. There are three major options to choose from when creating your own retail-ready DVD cases: overwrapping, shrinkwrapping, and plastic bags.

For the folded wrap style that looks like it came right from the record store or video hut, overwrappers are a great solution. Desktop overwrappers from Dupco are available for both CD jewel cases and for full-size DVD cases. The first step is inserting your case into the appropriate pre-cut polypropylene wrapping material, which fits the cases snugly. Next, pass the case from the top of the machine to the bottom to seal the edges with the heated plates. Once it sits for a second, you can slide the case from left to right to seal the sides of the case. That's all there is to it! A skilled overwrapper operator can do three to six cases a minute, which is great for small and medium sized jobs.

DVD Case Shrinkwrapper

When you need to wrap something other than a standard-sized DVD case, a shrinkwrapper might be the answer. These versatile machines can handle any size case or item of any length and up to 12-inches wide. Wrapping discs is a three-step process that can be mastered quickly, thanks to the intuitive design of the machine. Cases are inserted between the sheets of plastic wrap that comes on a five-hundred-foot roll and pulled past the I-bar sealer. Pushing down on the bar seals the plastic and separates it from the roll. Finally, the heat gun is included to shrink the plastic to the object, for a completely secure covering. When flexibility is key, shrinkwrapping gets the job done.

DVD Case Wraps

If machines and films are out of your budget, consider using plastic DVD case wraps. These pre-cut bags are the perfect size for most standard DVD cases and are easy to insert and close. Just slide your case in and peel the seal. Pressing it together creates a nice, tight wrap that looks professional from every angle. Plastic case wraps are also available in smaller quantities, which can be helpful when doing smaller jobs and projects.

Whatever your needs are, there's sure to be a solution to create a DVD case that looks great on the shelf, just like the professionals!