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DiscStudio Software Review

DiscStudio Label Software

What is DiscStudio?
DiscStudio is a completely FREE label design program from US Digital Media. It allows users to create, save, and print customized artwork based on the disc labels and entrapments from CDROM2GO and other major brands. DiscStudio features a standard palette of tools and options for adding text, graphics, and patterns to compositions.


Installing DiscStudio is a snap! Visit our DiscStudio Software Download page to get your free copy of the installer. Save the file to your desktop and double-click to star the installer. Click Next to confirm the installation path and directory, and you're on your way! The program is known to be compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Create Custom Artwork with DiscStudio Software Creating your artwork
The only thing easier than installing DiscStudio is using it. The program launches quickly into the main window, where the blank canvas of a disc tempts the creative side to get started. The Select Template button lets you choose the appropriate layout for your packaging inserts or labels, and adjust the bleed size of the final print.

Importing your picture or logo is a simple process, thanks to the Background Image button. DiscStudio software also includes an image library full of themed background images and clip art. Once clip art is imported, the on-screen arrows let you scale and move the image for the best possible fit. Use DiscStudio’s drawing tools for easy to use customization of your project.

The printer alignment needs to be performed before printing any project to a new printer. Printer alignment can be performed with an ordinary sheet of paper, and ensures that you do not waste any labels or entrapments on a misaligned copy.

Alignment only needs to be performed once for each printer and the software keeps the placement adjustments. Now printing is easy on any label or inserts sheets. Once you have printed your materials, don't forget to save your created artwork for later use!

Get your free copy of DiscStudio by visiting the DiscStudio Download Page today!