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The Accutower Unlimited

Accutower Unlimited CD/DVD DuplicatorDaisy Chain, Link-able, Expandable . . . all keywords used to describe Duplicators that connect more than one tower full of burners. Well, we here at CDROM2GO have joined the fray with the Accutower Unlimited. We use our extensive experience and know-how to put together a Duplicator system that can surpass all expectations. Imagine burning 2,550 discs at the press of a button, that’s right, 2,550 discs at once!

Well OK, in reality I may never find myself in need of 2,500+ discs in less than 5 minutes, but hey I can dream, can’t I?

The Accutower Unlimited uses individual duplicator towers together to create a monster duplicating system. The difference is that our towers can also function as stand-alone 10 drive units. Each tower is equipped with its own 200GB hard drive and a reader drive that can be used independently from the other linked towers. This means that you can burn different projects on each tower, say Audio CDs on two, Video DVDs on two more, and maybe some Data DVDs on another for good measure.

But wait, what about that frequent occasion where you need 500 discs in 20 minutes? Well the Accutower Unlimited allows you to re-configure all the towers to work as one with a few simple taps on the controller... and POOF, you get your discs done in no time flat. You could put 5 towers together and get 50 discs every few minutes, or put 10 towers together and get 100 discs every few minutes. Given the space and desire you could build a MONSTER Duplication system of 255 towers and get 2,550 discs every few minutes. Of course you better have your running shoes on to load and unload that many drives!