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Your Eco Friendly Duplication Experts

Here at CDROM2GO, we recognize that our responsibilities to the community extend beyond great products and great customer service. We are committed to decreasing our impact on the environment at every level of our organization. From our VarioPac cases to our cardboard mailers, we offer a growing number of products that are recyclable or made from post-consumer materials.

Our in house print services use recycled paper and cardboard products, while our digital printer uses non-toxic vegetable inks. We do not run unnecessary overages to reduce waste. We are also exploring reusable media options such as USB drives and software downloads.

Everyone Helps Recycle

Around the office, we take part in a community recycling program for our cardboard, paper, and plastic goods. Additionally, our unused or retired electronic equipment is sent to underprivileged organizations in Mexico instead of to the landfill. We understand that every little bit counts towards the reduction of waste and conservation of natural resources.

Your Eco Friendly Duplication ExpertsEco Friendly Solutions

This image appears on all CDROM2GO eco-friendly solutions. Our green CD/DVD duplication and replication solutions reduce consumption of plastic products by printing on recycled cardboard, which leaves a smaller impact on the earth without taking away from great marketing.

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