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Your Eco Friendly Duplication Experts

Like the automotive and energy industries, the disc packaging industry has started to adopt more environmentally conscious business practices. Major manufacturers of disc packaging have been hard at work developing new products that have a reduced or minimal impact on the environment. Let's take a look at some of the new products which are now available.

Eco Friendly Slimline DVD/CD CasesSlimline CD and thin DVD cases are a great alternative to standard sized cases for two reasons: they hold the same number of discs as a standard case, and they use much less plastic material. An ordinary, single-disc DVD case has a depth of about 14mm. Slim DVD cases are just 7mm deep by comparison, yet they maintain the same amount of space for artwork and inserts that standard cases have. While more efficient production of disc cases can help conserve natural resources, this also has the additional benefit of being able to store the same number of discs while reducing shelf space by half.

Eco Friendly Cardboard Sleeves and Mailers

100% Recycled Paper Disc SleevesCustomers who use direct-mail distribution love our eco-friendly paper sleeves, cardboard sleeves, and mailers for sending out their discs. Cardboard packaging comes in many sizes and shapes including full color printed or blank, depending on your needs. Most cardboard mailers and sleeves contain a high percentage of recycled material from post-consumer products. By using recycled material, manufacturers can save on production costs and pass the savings on to their customers. These are also very lightweight solutions to help save on postage costs.

Eco Friendly Digipak CasesHalfway between a plastic case and a cardboard case is the Digipak. The Digipak CD/DVD case is a hybrid package because it combines a sturdy printed cardboard backing with a secure plastic tray inside. This case reduces environmental impact by using smaller quantities of raw materials than a standard size CD or DVD case. The cardboard is fully printable, eliminating the need for a separate entrapment or insert. A plastic tray protects the disc from damage during transit.

While the industry has yet to create a disc package that does not harm the environment at all, the good news is that they are getting closer. Consumers now have new choices for disc packaging from recycled cardboard to low impact plastics and hybrid cases. As manufacturers continue to innovate and improve their products, one thing is for certain: the benefits are universal.