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The Extra Rugged

Primera Now Offering Best Selling Bravo Publisher In Robust Design

Primera Blue Ray DuplicatorAlmost anyone actively involved in CD / DVD duplication has heard about Primera’s Bravo line of CD duplicators and DVD duplicators. Its relatively low entry price, compact size and overall efficiency has made it a great success. On October 14th, 2005 Primera announced their newest version of Bravo named the XR.

XR apparently stands for Extra Rugged. The new design incorporates a design that is a little more compact and of course more durable. The XR incorporates a 11 gauge steel front bezel and a black 18 gauge steel case which would probably survive a two story drop but don’t take my word for it. It also contains a lockable front panel for added security. A convenient new feature is that cartridges and finished discs are accessible from the front of the unit. What this does is it allows the XR to be placed on shelves, under counters or even mounted on a rack. Primera boasts that the XR is the only rack mountable disc publishing system on the market. Another nice feature is the Bravo XR duplicator can be stacked on top of each other and operated from a single PC. This allows for an increase in output capabilities without losing valuable counter space. Internally the Bravo XR uses Plextor DVD / CD drives delivering high quality copies at optimum speeds. At a first glance the XR appears to be a fine addition to the Primera Bravo duplicator family and should wind up being a very popular piece of duplication equipment.

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