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FlexWriter Line

Improved Line of Duplication Equipment Plus
Nachos May Save the World

FlexWriter Duplication EquipmentIf there's one thing that gets the Tech Guy excited it’s innovation … and maybe nachos. The feeling of anticipation as you unwrap a new gadget is what it's all about, the gleaming perfect-ness of a new product as you peel off the plastic film. Looking at the new line of products from FlexWriter, I can already feel a twinge of excitement in my fingertips. In their pursuit of quality products, the good folks at Amtren have redesigned their product line and modernized it all around. Let's take a look at each of their PC-based machines in depth.

FlexPrinter Pro DVD/CD PrinterTake the FlexPrinter Pro for example. This direct to disc DVD/CD printer features high-resolution 4800 DPI inkjet printing directly on discs! Better yet, its HP print engine means you get better brighter colors and sharper crisper blacks. With black, standard color, and photo cartridges to choose from, you have a complete range of printing options. If you want standard 4 color printing, use the black and color cartridges. If you want the added pop of 6 color printing, switch the black cartridge with the photo, and viola! You have a true 6-color print. With average coverage estimates ranging up to 600 discs per set of cartridges, this means you will have plenty of money for some really good nachos! The included FlexWare software is simplicity at its finest; just a few clicks and you will be ready to print your masterpiece.

FlexWriter I DVD/CD DuplicatorNow for some serious productivity, FlexWriter has combined their printer with a combination DVD/CD duplicator and a robotic autoloading arm, and named it the FlexWriter I. This all-in-one publisher can both record and print discs for complete, automated disc production. Its 55-disc capacity allows you to complete entire jobs without having to reload the printer. Instead of supervising the machine, you could finally make time to write your soon-to-be-famous book on, say... 101 excellent nacho recipes!

FlexWriter II and IV DVD/CD DuplicatorBuilding on the success of the FlexWriter I, the FlexWriter II features dual burning drives and an increased 110-disc capacity for larger jobs. For high output jobs, the FlexWriter II does twice the work. Finally, the FlexWriter IV publisher sports four recording drives and a HUGE 220-disc capacity to make it the ultimate publishing solution.

FlexWriter Towermation III DVD/CD DuplicatorWe have talked about the FlexWriter I, II, and IV and my more astute readers may have noticed that I left off the number III. Well, the good people who make the FlexWriter line didn’t, they have made it into the TowerMation III. The TowerMation III is a three drive autoloading duplicator that is completely stand-alone. Like super-deluxe nachos, the TowerMation III doesn’t need any help to fill you up. With 3 burners, a robotic arm, capacity for 220 discs, and a simple control panel, TowerMation III will make quick work of your burning jobs while you are out searching for The World’s Best Nachos.

FlexWriter systems are a cut above the rest because they are truly a professional product. The FlexWriter line is made of metal and features the simplest and possibly most effective robot picker I have ever seen, and the Tech Guy would not lead you wrong on this. The disc input and output spindles are metal and hold more discs than any of the competitors. FlexWriter has not forgotten the spicy accessories that make good nachos great … I mean good publishers great. Add-ons include the optional FlexWare.NET Network Software, a Business Card Kit, and an 80mm Mini Disc Kit. These accessories add more printing options to your existing equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a specialized machine.

So the moral of the story is this; Publishers are like nachos, they should be strong, reliable, and covered in cheese. Okay, so the nacho to publisher analogy didn't work very well, but these publishers certainly do. Now if they only came with cheese and jalapeños…