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Glossary of Duplication Equipment Terms

A device with a robotic arm for loading and unloading discs from a printer or duplicator.

The house brand of DVD/CD duplicator machines built and sold exclusively by US Digital Media.

The process of etching information onto the data layer of a disc, or “burning.”

In a stand-alone duplicator tower, this is the device with the screen and buttons that orchestrates the actions of the tower and its components.

The estimated cost of producing each individual disc, based on the cost of the printer and the ink cartridges or ribbons.

Disc Image
A digital snapshot of all the information on a CD or DVD disc, saved in a single file called an image. Image files can be stored on a hard drive and burned at a later date if desired.

A method of making copies in real time in which the data is written to the blank disc as it is read off of the master disc. Discs with read errors will result in burn errors.

A reader or writer drive in a tower, or any drive that fits the standard 5.25"-inch width.

A machine whose purpose is to produce mass copies of optical discs, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD.

The set of low-level instructions, stored on a ROM chip, that controls the system hardware.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
A fixed, high-capacity storage drive that uses platters and a magnetic read/write head to store and retrieve data.

Kiosk Kit
An optional kit for Bravo II printers that allows finished discs to stack neatly in a plastic hopper.

Live Audio Recorder
Records audio CD's in real time from an input source, such as a camera, tape, microphone, or other audio equipment.

A network-capable archival appliance from Primera that backs up emails sent through Microsoft Exchange on optical discs.

A duplicator which is operated from or with the use of a personal desktop or laptop computer.

An all-in-one system that burns data to and prints on the surface of CDs and DVDs. Often connected to or controlled by a separate computer.

An optical drive that only reads information from discs and cannot write anything to them.

Read Only Memory. This type of disc cannot have information written to (“burned on”) them.

Source Drive
In a stand-alone duplicator such as an Accutower, it is the main drive that you want to burn FROM.

Any equipment that operates without the need for other equipment such as a computer.

A measured amount of work done in a certain amount of time. With printers, publishers, and duplicators this is often expressed in the number of completed discs per hour.

Another term used for a DVD/CD duplicator.

Comparing the burned discs to the master disc to ensure data correctness.

Also called a "burner," these are the drive that write to blank discs and can also read them.