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Glossary of Printing Terms

The designs layout and graphics that are printed on a disc, an entrapment, an insert, or other printed materials.

A term for the printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet to ensure proper trimming. Bleed is on all sides of your document that gives the printer a small amount of space to move around paper inconsistencies.

A small chamber of ink for use in inkjet printers. Can be single color or multi color.

CMYK Color
A standardized method of printing color by using four ink colors—cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Often referred to as “process color” or “four color”. This subtractive color model works by partially or entirely masking certain colors typically printed on a white background.

Color Matching
Adjusting colors on screen or at press to meet a desired output from a printer. Printed samples of desired color usually required.

Crop Marks
(or corner marks) are lines placed at the outer trim point of an image or page to indicate where to trim the image both vertical and horizontal. Usually background images bleed past the crop mark point by 1/8” to allow for slightly off cuts.

Removal of unneeded parts of an image, usually outer parts to resize or adjust the aspect ratio of an image.

Die Cut
Specific cuts or shapes of a material used to form a variety of products to exact sizes.

Digital Printing
Ideal for small runs of reproduction of digital images using ink or toner on physical surfaces such as paper, film, plastic, etc.

A printing process where specialized films are heated and cooled from a solid to a gaseous state bypassing the liquid state, and producing a beautiful continuous tone photograph. This technology is found in the Teac P55 thermal printer.

The printed insert that goes on the outside of a DVD case. Available in various sizes to fit most any standard DVD case, thin or multi-disc case.

Hub Printable
Discs that have a printable surface area extending into the inner ring of the disc.

Inkjet Printing
A type of printing technology that uses nozzles to spray tiny droplets of ink onto a surface. Higher resolution typically indicates higher quality.

The paper products that go into a CD jewel or DVD case, can be panel inserts, tray liners, artwork, or entrapments.

Adhesive stickers that can be run through a printer and applied to the surface of a disc.

Laser Printing
A xerographic printing process that produces high quality text and graphics on paper by direct scanning of a laser beam across the printer’s photoreceptor.

Offset Printing
A printing technique that creates consistent high quality images where the inked image is transferred to the printing surface (discs or paper) from a plate or rubber blanket.

Pantone (Spot) Color
Pantone Matching System is the system based on printing a specific mix of pigments to create new and more exact colors. Pantone spot colors are the proprietary color space for the selection and accurate communication in printing. Their allocated Pantone number describes the colors, which have a certain pigment value to reproduce the colors in the closest and most specific shade.

PhotoPro Printing
Thermally re-transferred from a photo ribbon directly to the surface of the disc. This process gives vibrant images with excellent color consistency throughout printing, and it's completely waterproof.

Physical Proof
A sample item, which serves as a test to determine the quality and accuracy of artwork and materials used in manufacture before mass production is started.

The number of pixels that can fit into one square inch. Measured in dots-per-inch (DPI), it is a measure of quality where higher is typically better.

RGB color
The blending of three primary colors (Red, Green, Blue) and a white point to create colors viewed in that color space. This is the color space used by digital cameras, monitors, computer graphics, etc., for previewing on the typical computer display. The RGB color model is an additive combination of primary color on black.

A roll of black or colored film used in thermal printers.

Silkscreen Printing
A printing method that uses prepared finely woven cloth patterns to produce high quality color results for printing on discs using spot colors.

A standardized document detailing the size and specifications for a finished product.

Thermal Printing
A printing process where colors are applied from ribbons using a print head that applies heat and pressure.