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Glossary of Packaging Terms

A thin plastic disc case available in multiple colors, and shaped like its namesake.

DVD Case
Sometimes called "Amaray" style and available in multiple colors, DVD cases are available in multiple discs sizes and can hold a printed entrapment on the outside. Some have clips on the inside to hold printed materials.

A cardboard or padded bubble cushion that covers a disc package completely. Suitable for sending discs through the mail.

Jewel Case
A standard sized plastic case that holds a disc, booklet, and tray card insert. Available in black and clear.

Can be cardboard or padded bubble, suitable for sending discs through the mail.

An exclusive disc storage system that uses molded plastic binders and rings to store discs.

A sealed plastic wrapping that encases a CD or DVD case, with a folded edge to it. Similar to a cigarette pack wrapper.

Shrink Wrap
Plastic material that is thermal reactive, and will "shrink" to the shape of the product that it is covering.

A paper packaging solution for CD and DVD discs. Often they are inexpensive and made of paper, Tyvek, or cardboard. Can have windows to see disc.

A DVD or CD case that is much narrower than their standard-sized counterparts.

A disc-shaped plastic case that stores discs on a center hub and snaps closed.

The black or clear plastic part of the jewel case that has a hub for storing discs.

Tray Card
The printed insert that goes behind the disc tray in a standard CD jewel case.

A square-shaped flexible disc case made of colored plastic.

An innovative, unbreakable case for storing optical discs. Uses a 3-point trigger system to hold disc. Available in varieties holding inserts or for insertion in binders.

A flexible thermoplastic used in making clear sleeves for discs.