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Which Service is Right for Me?

Guide to Duplication Services

You know that you need to assemble a media project, but with so many choices out there you may be unsure of how to get from point A to point B. CDROM2GO is here to guide you through disc choices, packaging and the processes of duplication and replication. Our goal is to help you find which products and services best suit your needs.

cd and dvd discsLet's start at the beginning: which disc format is right for your project? Blank CDs are the best recordable media for audio projects that don't rely on video—your music, audio books, audio lectures, etc.

DVDs store a much higher capacity for data than CDs and use both audio and video. DVDs are an ideal choice for filmmakers and videographers.

Blu-ray discs are the next step up from a DVD, storing more audio and video data at high definition. This upgrade is reflected in the price of Blu-ray discs.

For unique business projects and marketing, specialty CDs and DVDs are available in a miniature size or in the shape of a business card. They work in the same way and in the same players that CDs or DVDs do, except they store less data.

CD & DVD packaging optionsOnce you've settled on which disc you'll use, you can decide on packaging to fit your purpose. Each one of our CD/DVD packaging options can be sold blank for your creative freedom or custom printed by CDROM2GO's art and production professionals. How you package your disc can be the difference between the success or failure of your media project. It's your one chance to make that all important first impression!

Your package and on-disc printing can be made to order, so you don't have to fret over the details. It allows you to focus on getting what you want out of your media project. Choose from a variety of inserts, booklets, posters and covers depending on your case packaging. Sleeves and mailers benefit from the same fully customizable printing.

For example, a direct mail advertiser will end up with a powerful promotional piece in a customized mailer. An independent filmmaker gets a professional retail ready look with a DVD case package that displays his or her artistic vision. The creative elements are your choice, right down to the printing style. The results will speak for themselves.

  • Full-size DVD cases for your CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays give you the extra room to show off your cover artwork, add more discs or boost the amount of inserts that you want to fit into your packaging.
  • Jewel cases are a classic, compact option ideal for retail sale. These cases blend well into any industry—from music to the corporate office.
  • Plastic cases may be an ideal option if you want a lightweight package that shows off your disc artwork.
  • Sleeves make cardboard look stylish and they can be custom printed with a high gloss finish. Lightweight yet sturdy, sleeves can be an affordable choice for musicians and other customers who don't want to cut corners with artistry yet still want to save money.
  • Mailers have it all when it comes to marketing to an audience. They're lightweight, they can be custom-printed and their various styles (including wallet mailers) allow your creativity to shine while giving you multiple panels to market your message. Perfect for a direct mail campaign.
  • Bulk packaging with shrink wrapped plastic stacks is an efficient option if you have large orders and intend to do your own packaging. You may consider bulk wrap when savings and easy transport are your first priorities.

pallet of replicated CDsNow that you have the disc and perfect package in mind, you need copies, lots of them! However what may define "lots" to you is truly determined by CDROM2GO's reproduction processes. Copies of your discs will go through either Duplication or Replication. To determine which process fits your project best, we take into account these factors: the size of your disc order, your budget and your deadline.

We'll start with duplication. Think of this process as a scaled-down version of replication. Since your CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays are copied from a burner drive, it's ideal for short run orders of 100 to 500 discs as well as orders up to 2,000 discs. Duplication equals instant satisfaction with a turnaround of 3 to 5 days or 24 to 48 hours with Express Service. This process also comes at a higher cost for the volume. Enjoy high-quality disc imaging with PhotoPro thermal printing when it comes to your smaller orders. PhotoPro delivers the color, vibrancy and depth of an actual photograph.

Replication is when discs are mass produced. The process can shoulder heavy duty orders up to one million discs. The retail movie and music discs you buy have gone through replication. Production machinery makes a master mold of your original disc and stamps that copied information. Due to the sheer volume, these orders have a slower turnaround at 10 to 15 days. Replication is more cost-effective for large jobs at a lower cost-per-disc ration. For custom on-disc printing, replication offers silkscreen or offset printing. Silkscreen printing is best for spot color prints while the higher resolution of offset printing works well with photographs and full color prints.

Now that you understand each process and have considered how you want to package your media project, CDROM2GO is ready to guide you to the next step. Browse our checklist or contact us to find out what you'll need next to get your project up and running.