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Introducing Accutower USB Flash Duplicators

Accutower USB Flash Duplicator TowerIn my never-ending quest to collect every gadget known to man, I, the Tech Guy have built up quite a collection of USB flash drives. From the very first 32MB drives to the latest and greatest Chiclet-sized drives, my collection could be the foundation for a small museum of USB flash drives. Every so often, I need to copy data from one drive to another. Maybe some songs for a friend or a handful of presentations to hand out at a trade show.

Back in the day, making copies of flash drives was a tedious process. A tangled mess of USB hubs and data cables would attach itself to my computer like a data-hungry octopus, covering my desk and sucking the life out of my system until the job was finished. I’m glad to say this is no longer the case.

If you have ever found yourself in the same situation, you can breathe a sigh of relief: the Accutower Flash USB duplicator has arrived!  This awesome machine can duplicate to three, seven, or eleven USB flash drives.  Each duplicator has a “master” port, much like the reader drive on a standard Accutower.

You’ll find the Accutower Flash is incredibly easy to use. In fact, if you have used an Accutower before you already know how simple the process is.  The new towers have the same familiar screen with the same soft green glow, and the same simple four-button controller. Appearances aside, the Accutower Flash also features the usual functions like Copy, Verify, and Erase.  Although I am copying USB drives, which is an entirely different data process than copying CDs and DVDs, my procedure with the tower is the same.  Just load the master and some blanks, press go, and WHAMMO, copies in no time flat!  Whenever a new technology comes out, like say... “USB Drives” and you don’t have to bend over backwards to learn how to make copies, like Martha Stewart says “It’s a good thing.”

In addition to USB flash drives, the Accutower flash has a twin brother: the Accutower Flash SD.  As you can imagine, it’s everything one would expect in a stand-alone Secure Digital (SD) card duplicator.  It’s small and black, it’s quiet, and oh yes, it’s fast.  I would go so far as to say that there is currently no easier way to copy massive amounts of SD cards than with this machine.  Each slot has an indicator light that shows you the read/write status.  The controller is the same familiar one that I obviously love.  Using it is a no-brainer; just insert your master card and the blanks and press Copy, and yep you guessed it: WHAMMO, copies in no time flat.

So there you have it: USB flash drive duplicators and SD card duplicators have made their big debut, and let’s not forget our newly introduced Blu-ray towers as well.  Accutower is truly the leader in the industry, building on the proven success of the Accutower CD and DVD duplicators.  Now I know some of you are reading this and saying “Boy, you sure are smart Tech Guy, but where do we go from here?”  Fear not, loyal reader, because the Tech Guy always has something up his sleeve.

In my secret underground lab, armed with a utility belt and my trusty oscilloscope, your favorite Tech Guy has been pulling all-nighters working on a top secret new project.  Ever the big thinker, I am envisioning a large scale USB duplication system with ten times the capacity of any other system out there.  Some say it cannot be done, but when it happens, my faithful readers will be the first to know!