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Introducing HVD

The Future Of Multimedia

Lately I have posted a couple articles about the next generation DVD formats Blu-Ray and HD DVD and the battle taking place between them. Some interesting developments lately have raised some doubt at least in my mind for the longevity or even the likelihood that either one of these formats will even be considered as the next generation of multimedia. At this years NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas, Fuji displayed the latest and greatest in digital storage technology with the unveiling of the HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc).

The technology is like that of today’s optical media except that it uses a unique application of servo information to substantially increase the capacity far beyond that of a DVD. The greater capacity reaches a level of 3.9TB and no that is not a misprint. TB or a Tera Byte equals 1000GB of data and that comes out to be roughly the equivalent of 210 DVDs and we’re talking just one Terabyte of info. Take a 3.9TB HVD disc and you would have the equivalent data storage of around 821 DVDs. That’s a HUMONGOUS amount of data capacity!

Just what could a colossal amount of data capacity be used for? The possibilities seem endless and I’m sure the technology will be put to good use. A few questions come to mind however when thinking about where we’re headed with this new technology including: how will manufacturers respond to the rapidly emerging new technologies? Or the consumer for that matter? Will the new format be made recordable so that you can make copies? I also wonder if companies will be able to come together to support one format, which I believe is key. The one thing I do know is that we’re about to see a whole new world of multimedia capability and recording applications that are hard to even imagine. Stay tuned, as I will surely post more articles on this topic.