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License to Burn

In This Edition, The Tech Guy Answers Some Burning Questions About Laser Engraving

Custom USB “LaserPro” Laser Engraving Okay, so how many people in the average room can tell you what laser stands for, or for that matter how many people in the average room even know that the laser in an acronym? Well here it comes, the source of my excitement and the subject of this latest Tech Guy article “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” or LASER. Yes that is right, we are getting our very own laser with which I will take over the world, or at least use to make some really killer looking USB drives.

Originally made popular in 1898 by H.G. Wells in “The War of the Worlds,” lasers have become synonymous with ray-guns and destruction, but more recently they have been associated with eye surgery, CD/DVD players, laser pointers, blah, blah, blah. Lasers have found their way into many of our daily routines, just imagine how many times you have used a laser to read or write a CD or DVD. Well the laser technology that puts the data on your discs is now being used to engrave beautiful precision works or art.

Many forward-thinking companies and organizations have turned to USB flash drives as a way to improve their brand recognition. Most USB drives on the market today are silkscreen printed with names, web addresses, and simple logos. Thanks to the tiny size of USB flash drives, they often end up in a variety of high-impact situations such as pockets, purses, and car chase shootouts. Over time, these silkscreened logos can fade away or completely wear off. For marketers and promoters, this is a branding nightmare!

Fortunately, there is a better alternative. With a laser engraver, text and logos can be permanently etched into a USB drive, not unlike the way that Shirley Eaton covered in gold paint will forever be etched into my memory. Laser engraving is the most effective way to create a lasting brand impression, and you won’t have to raid Fort Knox to pay for it, either.

However you look at it, laser engraving is worth its weight in gold. Laser engraving provides a high-contrast, completely permanent brand on your drives that will not let you down. Bond would certainly approve.

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