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CD/DVD Resources

Artist Links and Resources

Berklee Music - Online music school, music career center, and music jobs from Berklee College of Music.

Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) - The Los Angeles College of Music offers a variety of study programs in music production and music performance.

Industry Groups and Associations

Advanced Access Content System - This organization manages a content protection system for PC and CE devices that includes optical storage and other formats.

Blu-Ray Disc Association - Information and resource material for Blu-Ray media including technical white papers, press releases, and product information such as newly released movies, home recorders/players, and PC drives.

Content Delivery and Storage Association - The CDSA is a worldwide forum that advocates the responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content.

DVD Forum - An international association that exchanges ideas, information and resource material on DVD improvements, innovations, and technical capabilities.

DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation - This association of Japanese manufacturers works together to license the DVD format and logo among its members.

Entertainment Software Association - This association of video game and entertainment developers represents over two dozen of the biggest names in the industry.

Media-Tech Association - Media-Tech is a global association of manufacturers with an interest in every aspect of the optical and removable storage industry from games to data storage and more.

National Association of Broadcasters - The National Association of Broadcasters is an interest group that actively participates in the radio and television broadcast industries.

Optical Storage Technology Association - This trade organization promotes the global use of recordable optical media products and technologies.

Software and Information Industry Association - This trade association aims to promote, inform, and protect the software and digital content industry and its members.

News and Information

AfterDawn Ltd - The latest headlines, top downloads, software, guides and forums on CD and DVD duplication equipment, performance, backups and more!

CDR FAQ - The definitive resource for all things related to CD's and CD recording. A great resource for beginners!

DV.com - Digital Video (DV) provides expert information on video equipment and software through top news, forums, columns, reviews, features, expos, and through their printed magazine.

HowStuffWorks: CDs - HowStuffWorks explains how Compact Discs work in a detailed yet easy-to-understand format.

Manifest Technology - A collection of articles, technical documents, and other resources regarding digital video editing and DVD authoring.

Production Services

Arizona Rips - The Southwest's premier CD to MP3 conversion service.