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Microboards CX-1 Publisher Reviewed

Microboards CX-1 DVD/CD Publisher

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions. The first thing that comes to my mind when gazing at the CX-1 disc publisher from Microboards is the talking car from Knight Rider, all the other 80’s fans will remember the “Knight Industries Two Thousand” better known to us all as KITT. Sure the CX-1 doesn’t have that great pulsing red light, self tinting windows, or Super-Pursuit mode but it does a much better job of publishing discs than KITT ever could.

The seriously sleek, all-black unit with the smoke tinted black cover takes me back to the adventures of my favorite crime fighting duo, and its features and specs are no less impressive. Weighing in at a staunch 42 pounds with a body of plastic and cold, hard steel, think of it as a lone crusader in the dangerous world . . . of disc publishers.

With a 100-disc capacity, the CX-1 is a serious contender in the world of mid-to-high volume disc publishing. With Microboards’ new DiscPlace technology loading/unloading and reliability are greatly improved, allowing the machine to run entirely on its own - kind of like KITT's Auto-Cruise mode. Being able to walk away from the publisher is an important benefit; because you can use the time you would have been supervising it to do something productive, such as fighting crime, solving mysteries, or becoming a huge rock star in Germany.

Setup is easy and operation is fast thanks to the USB 2.0 connection. Microboards includes a full suite of software to get the job done: SureThing Labeling Software lets you design and print disc labels while Prassi Zulu2 lets you create and burn projects, CDs, DVDs, even dual-layer DVDs!

Under the hood, you'll find two important things: a burner drive and a printer. It's the specs of each of these components that make the machine a performance superstar. The burner drive offers duplication speeds at 18X DVD and 48X CD and is compatible with all major media formats. Whether it's a dual-layer DVD, audio CD, data discs, DVD video, or even “secret” life-saving computer codes, the drive is ready to handle anything you can throw at it.

The most impressive part of the publisher is the inkjet printer. Built with proven HP technology, it is the highest throughput machine available today. That's just a fancy way of saying that you can get reliable, low cost discs printed consistently, time and time again. With a maximum resolution of 4800 DPI, the name of the game is quality. The CX-1's inkjet print engine leads the way with its unrivaled speed and performance. Full-color, full-disc prints are completed in moments, and it is Microboards that touts the CX-1 as 50% faster than the leading competitor's printer. As always with Microboards units, finished discs are placed on a spindle for easy removal when the job is completed.

From start to finish, the CX-1 disc publisher from Microboards is the real star of the show, minus the sarcastic attitude and terrible hair.

UPDATE: The Microboards CX-1 has been discontinued. Look for the MX-1 Publisher as its replacement.