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Microboards: Good Things
Come In Threes

The Tech Guy reviews the new MX-1, MX-2
& PF-Pro from Microboards

Microboards New AutoPrinter and Publisher Series (MX-1, MX-2, PF-Pro)

It is no secret that history is full of famous trios. From the Three Musketeers to the Three Stooges, good things have a habit of traveling in threes. In keeping with tradition, Microboards has announced its new trio of desktop systems, the MX-1, the MX-2, and the PF-Pro. You might say that this new line of equipment is going to make history, like the Three Witches in Macbeth and the Three Wise Men.

Groups of three work so well because each member possesses its own strengths. Take the Print Factory Pro for example. It's an autoloading printer that automatically prints up to one hundred discs at a time. The real magic is inside, where a clever new printing system delivers excellent prints at a lower cost per disc than ever before. In the past, inkjet printers typically had two cartridges, one for black and one for color. The Print Factory Pro has a four-cartridge system, one for each cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The benefit of this is obvious when running low on ink: you only have to replace the color you're out of. There have been disc printers available with “individual” color cartridges,Microboards MX-Series and PF-Pro Ink Cartridges but they suffered from “non-serviceable” print heads, which meant that after a few dozen cleaning cycles the print quality took a nosedive. Microboards solved this problem by adding “replaceable” print heads to the individual ink cartridges. So you get the money savings of individual ink cartridges AND your print quality never suffers thanks to the swappable print heads. Microboards’ system has proven to be an extremely cost-effective way to print discs; in fact this new print engine offers the lowest cost per disc ever achieved with a full color disc printer.

Building on the success of their solid print platform, Microboards have added a DVD/CD recorder drive to the PF-Pro and called it the MX-1 Publisher. This is a great idea, because it simplifies the processes of printing and burning into a single machine. When connected to a PC or MAC, the included software makes it easy to add content and design the text and graphics for your discs. The MX-1 uses reliable robotics for burning and printing.

For higher quantity disc production, the MX-2 does it all. Imagine the power of two recording drives paired with the PF-Pro print engine. A two-drive system is ideal for situations where time is critical because a 2 to 1 ratio keeps the printer busy and keeps production rolling.

Now here is where it gets interesting, this is the part I am really excited about. If you use the new photo quality smudge proof media, you will get results that rival the best thermal printers, at a fraction of the cost.

Microboards is extremely proud of its new line of disc printing systems, which feature the lowest cost-per-disc in the industry, at around 9 cents each. With the introduction of these three systems, there is sure to be one to meet your needs. These three units are destined to join the list of famous trios, just like Snap, Crackle, and Pop.