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The Microboards Equipment Store

The Microboards Store by CDROM2GO

Welcome to The Microboards Store by CDROM2GO

CDROM2GO is proud to be an authorized reseller of Microboards products. We carry a wide variety of Microboards equipment including automated CD/DVD printers, burners, duplicators, and more! We also include FREE tech support for as long as you own the product. Please browse our selection of Microboards products below to learn more.

Microboards G4

Microboards G4

The Microboards G4 offers 4800 DPI printing at a low cost of just 25 cents per disc for full-coverage, full-color prints! All models feature a 50-disc capacity, integrated inkjet printer, and a brand new software suite! Available as an Autoprinter, CD-DVD Publisher, and Blu-ray Publisher.

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  • Microboards G4 DVD/CD Autoprinter
  • Microboards G4 DVD/CD Publisher
  • Microboards G4 BD Blu-ray Publisher

    Microboards Print Factory

    Microboards MX Series

    Quality meets value with the new MX series publishers and PF Pro from Microboards! These automated machines have a 100 disc capacity four ink cartridges for rich, full-color printing on CD/DVD and Blu-ray media.

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  • Microboards MX-1 DVD/CD Publisher
  • Microboards MX-2 DVD/CD Publisher
  • Microboards MXBD-1 Blu-ray Publisher
  • Microboards MXBD-2 Blu-ray Publisher
  • Microboards PF Pro Autoprinter

    Microboards DVD/CD
                                    Duplicator Towers

    Microboards Duplicator Towers

    It's easy to copy a large volume of discs in a short period of time with a standalone duplicator from Microboards! Choose the QD Series for great value, the Copywriter series for good performance, or the Copywriter Pro series for all of the advanced features and capabilities.

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  • Microboards QD Economy DVD Towers
  • Microboards Copywriter DVD Towers
  • Microboards Copywriter Pro 22X DVD Towers
  • Microboards Copywriter Pro Blu-ray Towers
  • Microboards Copywriter Pro Network Capable DVD Towers
  • Microboards Copywriter Pro Network Capable Blu-ray Towers

    Microboards Daisy Chain

    Microboards Daisy Chain Duplicators

    Expand your production possibilities with these Daisy Chain towers from Microboards. Link multiple units together for maximum efficiency in high volume copy environments.

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  • Microboards Copywriter Pro Daisy Chain DVD Duplicators
  • Microboards Copywriter Pro Daisy Chain Blu-ray Duplicators

    Microboards QDL

    Microboards Quick Disc Loaders

    Enjoy hands-free disc production without breaking the bank thanks to the Quick Disc Loader series from Microboards! Three great models to choose from, each with a 25 disc capacity.

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  • Microboards QDL Autoloading DVD/CD Duplicator
  • Microboards QDL Autoloading Blu-ray Duplicator

    Microboards HCL

    Microboards High Capacity Loaders

    Take your disc production to a whole new level with these high capacity loaders! Each one features a 1,000 disc capacity and your choice of 4 or 8 burners. CD/DVD and Blu-ray versions are available.

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  • Microboards HCL Autoloading DVD/CD Duplicator
  • Microboards HCL Autoloading Blu-ray Duplicator


    Microboards Printer Supplies

    Stock up on ink, print heads, and other supplies for your Microboards printer! We offer Genuine Microboards ink and supplies for the best quality and compatibility. Get everyday low prices on cartridges and high volume discounts when you purchase Combo Packs.

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  • Microboards Printer Supplies


  • Microboards Ink Cartridges
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