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Multi DVD Case Solutions from Nexpak


When it comes to single-disc storage, DVD cases and plastic CD cases work just great. But what do you do for a set of multiple discs, such as a lecture series or presentation? Consider the multi-disc storage solutions available from Nexpak, which were designed for large quantities of discs.

Nexpak Slim 4 DVD Case

The Nexpak Slim line of DVD cases can hold quantities of three, four, five, or six discs in a single case. Their patented M-Lock hubs store discs securely, protecting them from scratches and damage. The center discs are stored on a swinging flap, much like the pages in a book. Speaking of books, the literature tabs inside the case are great for storing information booklets and other printed materials. For a boxed set of a television show, a program guide for a presentation, or infinite other applications, the Nexpak slim line cases are a great choice.

Nexpak Versapak 10 DVD Case

The Nexpak Versapak line of DVD cases can hold quantities of four, six, eight, or ten discs in one case. Discs are held in off-center plastic pages that flip like sheets in a three-ring binder, but are easily removable since there are no rings. Instead, the inserts are held together by a two-clip system that leaves plenty of space for a printed insert or booklet inside the case. One handy thing about these cases is that you can see the surface of each disc as you flip through the inserts; nothing is there to obscure them from view. For a continuous set of discs, this is very convenient.

Nexpak Stackpak DVD Case

Nexpak's Stackpak DVD cases can hold one to six discs in a case on a single, miniature hub - just like the one in a cake box. These are great for archiving because they hold the discs securely with Disc-Lock and spine retention tabs for extra security. Because it's the same size as the Versapak and Slim line cases, you can choose a variety of cases and use the same size printed inserts. The outer case offers more printable area than a standard DVD case for additional product branding and artwork on your inserts. Stackpak cases are only slightly larger than a standard DVD case but offer a much greater storage capacity that looks great on a store shelf or display.

From three to ten discs, there is sure to be a solution from Nexpak that can get the job done.