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Next Generation DVD In Only One Format

Will Blu-ray And HD DVD Come Together?

In my article last month titled “New formats deliver increased capacity” I spoke of the two new DVD formats that will become the next generation of DVD media. One of the points brought up was that consumers may once again fall victim to having to choose between multiple formats that being Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

An interesting development just occurred last week when a report was released that Sony and Toshiba have stepped up negotiations regarding the possibility of a single standard. This was surprising to me since it seems that Sony has always had the desire be exclusive with new technologies in order to reap royalties. It turns out that Sony who represents the Blu-Ray DVD format and Toshiba who represents the HD DVD format both agree that one format would be desirable and are looking at the possibility of forming a single format that will combine each formats strengths.

According to Reuters, Sony has proposed using Blu-Ray’s disc structure with the HD DVD software technology. Toshiba on the other hand has presented the idea of using HD DVD’s disc structure and, which is like that of current DVD technology, and borrowing Sony’s multi layer data recording technology. At stake is the multi billion dollar DVD player and recorder market not to mention the billions in recordable drives and media. Just what kind of new format the negotiations will reveal is still unclear. It is also unclear if the two sides will be able to come to agreement on supporting only one format. For the sake of the consumer I hope they can come up with a single format that will not only be technologically superior but an easy choice for consumers to purchase. I for one would hate to see a VHS-Beta like war of the 21st century.