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Photo Finish Printable Media

photo finish printable mediaLet’s start off with an introduction to the players, “because you can’t tell the players without a score card.”  Photo Finish is a special type of inkjet printable media from US Digital Media, and is available in both printable CD (M20057) and printable DVD (M20056) formats. It has the advantage of being hub-printable, which means you can print all the way to the center ring of the disc for a more professional appearance.

In my previous articles, I waxed poetic about the beauty of waterproof inkjet printable media. While the waterproof surface is really cool, I think I have not done my best to make you aware of the true benefit of this type of media, which is the glossy Photo Finish quality of every print. Standard desktop printers and publishers like the Bravo SE, Bravo 4100, and the Epson Discproducer systems all feature high-resolution inkjet printing for direct, on-disc printing. While ordinary inkjet media gets the job done, it pales in comparison to Photo Finish media. What exactly is the difference? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Ordinary inkjet media has a slight texture to the surface, which allows it to absorb the millions of tiny droplets of ink to form an image (my more loyal readers will remember my previous masterpiece article on inkjet DVD/CD printers).  While this is a good way of producing accurate images and text, the non-reflective nature of the disc makes the image look "dull."  If you compare one of these inkjet discs to a full color thermal disc the differences were instantly apparent, the thermal print just JUMPS out at you.  Well now thermal printing has met its match, few pennies per disc more than regular inkjet media (and often the same price as thermal printable media), Photo Finish discs offer the most economical solution to get the WHAM, WOW effect of imagery that jumps off the disc.

In addition to its nearly instant drying time, the Photo Finish media boasts a superior glossy finish not found on other inkjet printable discs.  Place a Photo Finish disc side-by-side with a more expensive thermal printed disc and it’s near impossible to tell the difference between the two.  Now you can get rich, vibrant colors, sharp text, and a glossy finish – with your inkjet printer - all at a lower cost-per-disc than a thermal print.  Now that's looking good!

If you're not convinced that this is the best thing since pre-cut grain products, you need to see it for yourself. Photo Finish Media gives duplication houses, churches, and other publishers the ability to take their disc production to the next level without investing in all-new equipment. Glossy Photo Finish discs are sure to impress even the most demanding clients without breaking the bank. Sample packs of 10 discs are available for sale, so take the side-by-side challenge and become a believer.