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Bravo II Publisher is the
Tech Guy’s Choice

Where price and performance meet

Primera Bravo II DVD/CD publisherAs the Tech Guy I am constantly testing different electronic equipment. While I cannot say that the lava lamp or the USB-powered disco ball would be a sound investment, there is one product I have yet to experience any buyer’s remorse with: the Primera Bravo II disc publisher. Out of the different Primera products, from the Bravo SE to the Bravo Pro and Bravo XR series, Bravo II stands out, Bravo II is the workhorse, Bravo II is my favorite.

The number one feature I look for in a disc publisher is reliability. Reliability is defined as the quality of being dependable in achievement, accuracy, honesty, etc. The catch is that usually you have to spend a lot to get a reliable publisher, not so with the Primera line of publishers. Primera has made a name for itself by offering quality and value, but it is the Bravo II that stands out as the perfect middle-of-the-road publisher, covering all the low-to-mid volume jobs I can come up with. The price is very reasonable, and it includes a full one-year warranty. It is at the intersection of price and performance that you find value and Primera has always understood that low price doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have reliability.

PC and MAC CompatibleThere’s no doubt that the Bravo II looks great, but we all know it’s what’s inside that really counts. Under the hood, it has a combination 16X DVD/CD burner, a high-resolution 4800-DPI inkjet printer, and the reliable robotic arm that Primera is famous for. The 25-disc capacity (which expands to 50 discs with the kiosk kit) allows you to confidently walk away while your job is running, so you can get something else done. Hold on, it gets even better! Not only is the Bravo II compatible with both PC and MAC, but it can be used with a single computer or across Bravo Pro DVD/CD Publishera network, and it even supports mini and business card discs with the available adapter kit. You can even expand the capacity to 325 discs with the ADL-MAX robotic autoloader, and still maintain the reliability that is so important.

To be fair, I should mention that the Bravo II is not the only disc publisher available from Primera, it is just my favorite. Primera offers a whole line of disc printers, publishers, and loaders to satisfy your wildest disc-production needs. For professionals that demand higher output, the Bravo Pro publisher offers two burners and can handle 50-disc jobs out of the box, 100 discs with a kiosk mode kit, and can be upgraded to a 350-disc capacity with the available ADL-MAX robotic autoloader, now that’s a lot of discs!

Bravo XRn DVD/CD PublisherPrimera rounds out the selection with the high-security version titled the Bravo XR and XR Pro publishers. These high security units comes in sturdy steel casings with locking doors, so that only authorized persons can access your data. They can be stacked or mounted in server racks. Solid, reliable, and secure: what more could you ask for? How about a smaller unit four your occasional jobs? Yep, Primera has that too, entry-level users can get their feet wet with the 20-disc capacity Bravo SE, which features full disc publishing in a compact, attractive desktop unit. OK, so what else is there?, how about a Bravo with the PC built in, yep, you guessed it they have that too. Called the Bravo XRn, it includes all the secure functionality of the Bravo XR with a Windows based PC built right in.

While all of these products are outstanding, the Bravo II still stands as my personal favorite. For most users, the Bravo II is all they will ever need in a disc publisher. At this price and with these features, the Bravo II has earned my “The Tech Guy” approval as the Best Value Disc Publisher available. Get one and you’ll understand why. Congratulations Bravo II!