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Small Unit, Big Power

Primera Introduces The Bravo SE CD/DVD Publisher

Primera has unveiled their newest contribution to the world of auto loading publishers and printers with the Bravo SE.

Like the Brady's adorable little nephew Oliver, the Bravo SE has been added to the Bravo Bunch as a cute, compact, desktop publisher, minus the Dorothy Hamill haircut and glasses, of course. And by the way, this cousin to the ever popular Bravo II, "Came to Play". This pint sized publisher packs years of Primera's research and development into a true desktop sized package. With the capacity to burn and print 20 discs at a time, you finally have an alternative to manual one-at-a-time burning then printing. In fact, you may find yourself with more time for all those Brady reruns. The technical pedigree carried by the Bravo SE is impressive. With a Pioneer DVD±RW dual layer drive that can burn at 16X and print at 4800DPI your results will be nothing short of outstanding.

As the "Tech Guy" I was fortunate enough to test out the Bravo SE and I have to say I am impressed. The overall quality of construction is very nice, as I have come to expect from Primera. The input bin is molded into the body so you don't have the loose parts to worry about losing. Another key design change I really liked was the innovative pull-out drawer for accessing your completed discs, so you don't have to interrupt the process by lifting the lid. If you leave the drawer open, completed discs will be gently slid forward by two spring-loaded runners that are hidden away as the drawer is closed. This feature is not to be overlooked because it allows you to check completed discs without stopping the printing or burning process. I noticed a smoother, faster action by the robotic arm, which was markedly quieter as well. Each step in the process is logically thought out, allowing discs to be printing and burning at the same time, increasing overall productivity. The new software that comes with the Bravo SE is this author's biggest surprise. It is extremely user friendly and graphically driven. Icons help you copy discs; create data projects, audio projects, and any type of disc project you can think of. This is definitely a publisher my mother could operate, yet powerful enough to satisfy even the most demanding professionals. When paired with the printable CD's from Taiyo Yuden's new WaterShield media, the results were truly amazing. All the discs duplicated flawlessly and the prints looked great, but believe me when I tell you that the discs I printed with the Bravo SE on the WaterShield discs were truly, truly, truly outrageous. Water resistant media is fairly new, we introduced it in this past article, but the full results of my testing will show up in a "Tech Guy" article before long so check back soon.