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Epson Discproducer PP-100II CD/DVD Publisher

The EPSON Discproducer PP-100II is a desktop CD / DVD publisher with all the features you need to print and burn up to 100 high quality customized discs. The Discproducer combines the proven Epson print engine with rugged robotics and a high-resolution printer in this all-in-one design.
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Manufacturer: Epson
Part Number: K30112
Mfg Part #: PP-100II

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Epson PP-100II - E25011     CD - M32120       DVD - M72120

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Building on Epson's success and expertise in DVD/CD publishers for optical media storage, the second-generation Discproducer™ PP-100II combines proven features with important upgrades.

Enabling fast and reliable CD/DVD production, the PP-100II features a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, and publishes 30 CDs/15 DVDs per hour (40/12x speed, 0.6/3.8GB data respectively) including printing on the disc surface. Production runs of 100 discs can be left to complete unattended thanks to the fully automated operation, the CD/DVD drives (Pioneer PR1 series) that provide best-in-class accuracy, and the AcuGripTM robotic arm, which ensures only one disc is grabbed at a time.

The PP-100II represents a cost-effective investment, as the six-cartridge individual ink system keeps the cost-per-produced-disc low. As it is compact and fully stackable, the Discproducer also has valuable space-saving benefits for organisations with large-scale disc publishing needs.

Total Disc Maker software is included, providing advanced functions such as the 'read back' file location tool, for filename or content backup from a stack of up to 50 discs. The new 'merge print' feature burns and prints automatically individual content onto each disc surface, enabling easier batch production.

Key Features

  • Up to 600 Free Discs!
  • True 100 disc capacity
  • Two high-speed DVD/CD drives for volume production
  • Six individual high capacity ink cartridges
  • Highest print quality in its class
  • Epson’s AcuGrip Technology for precise disc transport
  • Easy to use software with label templates



Disc Capacity Up to 100 discs in standard input/output mode
Recording Speeds DVD+-R up to 12X / CD-R up to 40X / DVDR Dual Layer: up to 8x
Number of Drives Two CD/DVD+-R drives
Print Method Inkjet (Dye Ink)
Print Resolution High-speed 1440 dpi x 720 dpi (Fast mode)
High-resolution 1440 dpi x 1440 dpi (Fine mode)
Max. Print Width 4.724" (120mm)
Ink Cartridges Black ink, Color ink x 5 colors
Low-ink sensor and LED for each cartridge
Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light cyan, Light magenta, Black
Capacity: 1000 discs or more (45 - 116 mm, 16,7 % color sharing, continuous printing, mode setting: Fine)
Publishing Modes (NUMBER OF COPIES) External Output: 1 - 5, 2 stackers & pick-up tray used
Standard Mode: 1 - 50, 2 stackers used (automatically)
Batch Mode: 1 - 100, 3 stackers used
Software Total Disc Maker: Job and label creation software
Total Disc Monitor: Displays the job status and devices such as ink status
Total Disc Setup: Controls settings of the Disc producer
Media Types Inkjet Printable Discs (high quality or glossy) CD-Rs and DVD-Rs Supports regular 12 cm (4.7 inch) discs
Does not support specially-shaped discs
PC Requirements OS: Windows 7, Vista SPI or later; XP SP2 or later; 2000 SP4 or later; Server 2008 R2; Server 2008 SP2 or later; and Server 2003/2003 R2 SP2 or later (Windows XP and Server 2003/2003 R2 32 bit only)
CPU: Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz or higher (2.0 GHz Windows Server 2008)
Memory: 2 GB or larger (1 GB Vista)
HDD capacity: 30 GB or larger (50 GB Windows Server 2008), 7200 rpm or more
Graphic environment: XGA or more, 65,536 colors or more
Macintosh Requirements OS: Mac OS X v10.5 or v10.6
CPU: Intel 64-bit Processor
Memory: 2 GB or higher (1 GB for OS X v10.5)
HDD capacity: 25 GB or larger, 7200 rpm or more
Graphic environment: XGA or more, 65,536 colors or more
Data Interface High-speed USB 3.0
Power AC 100 V to AC 240, Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Emissions FCC

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