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Falcon Media BD-R Everest/P-55 White Thermal Hub Printable 4X

These blank recordable Blu-ray discs from Falcon Media feature a thermal printable surface for superior print quality. They also have 25GB of storage space and a maximum record speed of 4X.
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Manufacturer: Falcon Technologies International
Part Number: M48770



These blank recordable Blu-ray by Falcon Media offer excellent recording at a good price. With 25GB of storage space, there's enough space for up to 2 hours of high-definition video. These discs are also great for backing up large data files and long-term storage. Features a white thermal hub printable surface that extends all the way to the center of the disc. For use with thermal disc printers such as Rimage Everest and TEAC P-55.


Size 120mm
Capacity 25GB / over 2 hr high definition video
Burn Speed 4X
Top Surface Everest/P-55 White Thermal Hub Printable
Print Area OD: 118mm / ID: 23mm
Hub Printable Yes