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Falcon Pro BD-R Shiny Top 6X

Record your high-def content on these shiny top BD-R discs from Falcon Media. 6X / 25GB.
( M49705 ) Discontinued - Replacement: USDM PRO OPTICAL SELECT BD-R SILVER TOP 4X (M98100)

Discontinued Item

Manufacturer: USDM
Part Number: M49705


Choose these recordable Blu-ray discs from Falcon Media for high capacity storage at a great price. The 25GB capacity of each disc offers room for up to 2 hours of high-definition video. These discs can also be used for large data backups and archiving information. The shiny top surface is well-suited to thermal disc printers or labels. 6 maximum record speed.


Size 120mm
Capacity 25GB / over 2 hr high definition video
Burn Speed 6X
Top Surface Silver
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