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USDM Blu-ray Case 22mm 4 Disc w/ Logo

Expand your disc storage options with this 4-disc capacity Blu-ray case from USDM! Features Blu-ray Association logo on the case.
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Manufacturer: US Digital Media
Part Number: P60204



Store multiple discs with these wide-spine 4-disc Blu-ray cases from USDM. Each case features binder clips for storing printed inserts and an outer vinyl sleeve for holding case artwork. The swinging center arms snap securely into place so that they do not move around when the case is opened. Cases feature the official Blu-ray logo.


P60204 - 4 Disc

Case Dimensions Width: 5.3" / 135mm
Height: 6.75" / 171.5mm
Thickness: 1" / 26mm
Entrapment Dimensions Width: 10.65" / 270.5mm
Height: 6.3" / 160mm
Booklet Dimensions Width: 4.75"
Height: 5.9"
Max Pages: 20
Color Crystal Blue with clear entrapment sleeve
Weight 3oz
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