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USDM Pro Optical BD-R White Inkjet Hub Printable 4X

Store up to 25GB of data on these professional grade Blu-ray recordable discs from USDM. Features 4X write speed and white inkjet hub printable surface.
( M95120 ) Discontinued - Replacement: USDM PRO OPTICAL PLUS BD-R WHITE INKJET HUB PRINTABLE 4X (M40502)

Discontinued Item

Manufacturer: US Digital Media
Part Number: M95120


These white inkjet hub printable BD-R (Blu-ray recordable) discs hold an amazing 25GB of data each, which makes them perfect for storing high definition video and other projects.

Key Features

  • Enormous 25GB data storage capacity
  • Great for Hi-Def video, hard drive backups, and large multimedia files
  • At 25GB storage capacity, each disc can hold the equivalent of more than 5 standard DVDs.
  • BD-R 4X has an extremely fast data transfer rate of 144Mbps
  • Inkjet Hub Printable surface for printing your own artwork


Size 120mm
Capacity 25GB / over 2 hr high definition video
Burn Speed 4X
Top Surface White Inkjet Printable
Print Area OD: 118mm / ID: 20mm
Hub Printable Yes
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