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USDM Pro Select CD-R Everest/P-55 White Thermal Hub Printable 52X

USDM Pro Select CD-R media features a white thermal surface that takes your prints all the way to the center hub with perfect consistency. 52X / 80 min / 700MB.
( M33170 ) Discontinued - Replacement: USDM Pro CD-R Everest/P-55 White Thermal Hub Printable 52X (M32170)


Manufacturer: USDM
Part Number: M33170


What makes our Pro Select discs different from a standard thermal hub printable disc? These discs feature a metalized layer beneath the print surface that extends all the way to the center hub. This provides a perfectly uniform print area with no changes in brightness or contrast near the center ring. Of course, these discs are also 52X rated with an 80-minute / 700MB capacity for all of your audio and data storage needs. When you combine all of these factors, you have a disc that is truly "Pro Select!"

Key Features

  • 52X burn speed
  • 80 min / 700MB capacity
  • The best compatibility with writers and players
  • High Quality organic dye ensures excellent quality and low degradation
  • Long-term data storage life
  • White thermal hub printable surface won't smudge


Size 120mm
Capacity 700MB / 80 min CD quality audio
Burn Speed 52X
Top Surface White Thermal Hub Printable
Print Area OD: 118mm
ID: 23mm
Hub Printable Yes