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USDM Super Purple DVD-R Everest/P-55 White Thermal Hub Printable 16X

USDM Super Purple White Thermal Hub Printable DVD-R media reliably burns up to 16X. With 2 hr / 4.7GB capacity and a top surface designed for Everest and P-55 thermal printers, these premium discs are a great value.
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Manufacturer: US Digital Media
Part Number: M40770


Key Features

  • 16X burn speed
  • 2 hr / 4.7GB capacity
  • Excellent compatibility with writers and players
  • Organic dye ensures excellent quality and low degradation
  • Long-term data storage life
  • Printable area extends to the hub, providing more space for your graphics
  • Designed for Everest and P-55 color thermal printers, the best print quality available


Size 120mm
Capacity 4.7GB / 2 hr DVD quality video
Burn Speed 16X
Top Surface Everest/P-55 White Thermal Hub Printable
Print Area OD: 118mm
ID: 23mm
Hub Printable Yes